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MarkerClick server event with MarkerManager

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MarkerClick server event with MarkerManager

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The MarkerClick server event works fine until I install the marker using the MarkerManager

- This code works fine...
Dim latLng As New GLatLng(40, 10)
GMap2.GCenter = latLng
Dim marker As New GMarker(latLng)

- This does not work...
 Dim mManager As New MarkerManager
 Dim marker As New GMarker(latLng)
 mManager.Add(marker, 6)
 GMap2.markerManager = mManager

The marker gets added and the marker manager is working properly in terms of displaying/hiding the marker at proper zoom levels, but the GMap2_MarkerClick event does not fire when used with the MarkerManager.

Is this a known bug, or is there a work-around for this? I really need to find a solution as I'm going to populate an infowindow from a database during this event.

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RE: MarkerClick server event with MarkerManager

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Yes it's a known problem, and resolved for next version.

If you want the new (working) beta version with this issue solved, please contact me at Subgurim AT gmail DOT com.

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