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InfoWindow shadow bug

#1 - 12/05/2010 4:24:36 Reporta abuso | Link permanente
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InfoWindow shadow bug

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Why is the shadow on InfoWindows corrupted and broken up?

Even on the home page notice how the shadow is all messed up.

Is this related to the Subgurim control ... or is it a problem in Google Maps?  Don't remember seeing this when I first started using this control a few years ago--has something changed?

I'm seeing the problem in IE8 ... looks ok in Firefox.


EDITADO 5/12/2010 4:26:37 AM: More info
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#2 - 12/05/2010 8:08:43 Reporta abuso | Link permanente
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RE: InfoWindow shadow bug

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I see it perfectly :(

Anyway the problem would be GoogleMaps API, not the Subgurim control.

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